Trust ISF , Enjoy ISF
Years of focusing on processing techniques and quality control, only to insist that customers enjoy the highest Quality and freshest sea urchin in season.
Product Sources
ISF works with fishing companies in Maine, Canada, Peru and Chile, which allows us to get the freshest sea urchins in season.
Its texture, colour and size distinguish each sea urchin box at the time of production to present the best viewing experience to our customers.
Insisting on innovation
We use ISF's unique seawater vacuum technology to press out the air bubbles from the product entirely and then wrap it with crushed ice so that the sea urchin inside the box can always remain fresh and palatable.
Quality Control
Each box is produced from the freshest sea urchins in season, and from the time the sea urchin is caught to the time it is delivered for processing is less than 24 hours.
Products launched are all high-quality products
The price will fluctuate according to the market price and supply demand, and the price on website may not be changed in time. We apologize for any inconvenience.