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——Founded in 1986, we have focused on processing sea cucumber/sea urchin technology for 36 years and always adhere to the philosophy of "sincerity as the basis and honesty as the business". Our lifelong goal is to be the leading brand in the sea urchin industry.
The more experience we have, the more stringent our standards become.
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Years of focusing on processing techniques and quality control, only to insist that customers enjoy the highest Quality and freshest sea urchin in season.
Product Sources
ISF works with fishing companies in Maine, Canada, Peru and Chile, which allows us to get the freshest sea urchins in season.
Its texture, colour and size distinguish each sea urchin box at the time of production to present the best viewing experience to our customers.
Insisting on innovation
We use ISF's unique seawater vacuum technology to press out the air bubbles from the product entirely and then wrap it with crushed ice so that the sea urchin inside the box can always remain fresh and palatable.
Quality Control
Each box is produced from the freshest sea urchins in season, and from the time the sea urchin is caught to the time it is delivered for processing is less than 24 hours.
The selection is not only sea urchins, But also the unremitting pursuit of quality
Sea urchin is seafood that lives in the ocean's shallow waters, which is one of the longest-lived marine organisms on the planet. Sea urchin is rich in nutritional value. It is rich in many proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and many other nutrients. Long-term consumption can improve metabolism, lower cholesterol and other effects, and also, for those who are obese, long-term alcohol consumption has an excellent conditioning effect.
Exploring unlimited possibilities in a limited time
The soft and creamy sea urchin flesh is wrapped inside a hard purple shell, which grows further with each wave.
The natural color of sea urchin meat may be bright yellow, light yellow, reddish yellow and brownish yellow, etc. The color within each of our products is consistent, and no stray colors appear.
Our sea urchin has a distinct mellow flavor with a sweet aftertaste and a smooth, creamy texture.
With the original grain like a willow leaf chunk, thick, delicate, melt in the mouth.

The processing area is fully cleaned every half hour. There will also be people to deal with the sea urchin debris during the processing process. A boutique approach to boxing creates a comfortable and sterile dining environment.