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Our fresh sea urchin is processed in-house and shipped directly from our waterfront location. Please contact us for wholesale information.

Item # Description Price
#1010 Fresh Sea Urchin Roe
(120g) Wooden Tray
$12.00 ea

#1020 Fresh Sea Urchin Roe (100g) Plastic Tray $10.00 ea


Live Sea Urchin
(Sept.-April) per lb.

$4.00 lb.


#1060 Live Rock Crab (1 lb size) $2.50 lb.

#1070 Live Whelk $2.00 lb

#1080 Fresh Atlantic Salmon $8.50 lb


#1100 Fresh Maine Shrimp
$3.00 lb

#1110 Fresh Pine Tree Mushroom
$25.00 lb

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We make every effort to keep our price list up to date, but prices are subject to change.
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