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Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
1010 Fresh Sea Urchin Roe (120g) $10.00
1020 Fresh Sea Urchin Roe (100g) $9.00
1030 Live Sea Urchin (per lb.) $3.00
1040 Dry Sea Urchin Shell (each) $2.00
1050 Live Lobster (hard shell) $10.00
1060 Live Rock Crab (1 lb.) $2.00
1070 Live Whelk (per lb.) $1.40
1080 Fresh Atlantic Salmon (per lb.) $5.50
1090 Frozen Salmon Roe (1 kg, 2.20 lb.) $42.00
1100 Fresh Maine Shrimp   unavailable
1110 Fresh Pine Tree Mushroom   unavailable
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